A List Of Must Haves For Every Scuba Diver

Diving is a sport - a very unique one that requires dependable equipment for life support. This is why to fully enjoy the experience, below are the top things you must have before you start your journey below sea level.

The Basics

Ones you most certainly need - proper diving gear and equipment from http://www.outdoorswim.com/best-scuba-masks-to-buy-2016/ . Which includes regulators, wet-suits, scuba masks, and fins. You don't want anything less than high-quality when it comes to this because your gear will ensure diving is safe, easy, comfortable and enjoyable for you.

A Really Cool Divers Watch

Okay, it shouldn't necessarily be cool. But you know, it's always satisfying to have a good, and stylish, wrist watch. So start looking for the best dive watches 2016 online.

Diving Knife

No piece of dive gear has improved more over the decades than the dive knife. The latest designs make use of better materials that resist corrosion and hold a sharp edge longer than ever before. See these best dive watches website 2016 .

Surface Signalling Devices and Kits

Because, duh.

You don't want to be lost and lonely when you end up a long, long distance from the dive boat right?

A Compass

Because you can't always impress any diver on the same boat just by standing around telling endless not-so-funny stories about you getting lost underwater.

A Really Good Diving Torch

The world on the reef after sunlight is a totally different world. And you don't want to miss out on that by not having a trusty dive light - a good pocket light is always handy but if you really want hands-free illuminated peering, go shopping for a headlamp.

A Dependable Full-Size Bag For All Your Gears

You want to be organized - and you want all your stuff protected as well. That's why you have to do it right by getting yourself a proper luggage - one that is appropriate for diving. It must be custom-built to secure all your gears - able to withstand saline air and sunlight. It's also recommended to find one that is light - preferably less than 9 pounds (about 3 kgs) emptied.

A Smaller, But Still Dependable, Dry Bag For Your Things

You are definitely going to need one especially because you will not always be on a spacious boat with lots of 'dry areas' to keep your stuff. You can't really have fun underwater without having the guarantee that your wallet, mobile phone, and last set of clothes are all secured. There are plenty of choices for you in the market, but your best option is to get an airtight dry bag - just to be sure you seal water and moisture out if in case, fingers crossed, you drop your stuff overboard.